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fork socks


Made from flexible Neoprene material, Fork Socks are designed to protect your motorbikes exposed fork stanchions from mud, stones and dust that can pit the smooth surface of the stanchion, which in turn can cause your fork seal to leak. 

The Fork Socks also "wipes" clean the stanchion each time it rises up into it. this also stops the dust and mud from forming a grinding paste around the seal.

The use of a velcro strip allows for the quick removal and fitment of the socks. This allows the average bike rider to fit them without having to remove the entire shock from its housing, like you do with the stitched closed ones.



  • Fits most new style bikes with upside down forks.

  • Cover's most of the shock.

  • Stops rock and stone “nicks” on the stanchion during off road riding

  • Two options

    • Velcro closing strips.

    • ​​Closed sock (need to remove the shock to slide FORK SOCK on).


  • Designed for the older style bikes with the upright forks.

  • Covers 90% of the shock

  • Stops rock and stone “nicks” on the stanchion from off road riding

  • Velcro Closure

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  • Fits most new style bikes with upside down forks.

  • Cover 20% of the shock.

  • For less off road riding but still good for sand dust and sand removal.

  • Velcro closure.

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